Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Review : Tropica Bioherb Hair Treatment Serum

100 pieces of hair loss a day is normal and I am not an exception. I was so worried since I wash my hair everyday and my hairs are everywhere – wash basin, pillow, shirts, floor, car, office. I have tried so many hair products before but none local made. Then I went to the mall (Toko Jamu to be exact) the SA suggested me to try this serum. So I give it a go and went back home can’t wait to try.
This serum sold at RM35 at 120ml, quite reasonable for the pocket.
The serum is a transparent liquid that comes in a transparent bottle. The cap has a pump to take the serum out, good thing as we can control how much the amount of product we want. During every hair wash I towel dry my hair and then pour this serum on my scalp and massage it especially at hair loss spot. It gives a fresh minty feeling when massaging the serum in the scalp, really refreshing. Giving myself a sweet time to massage scalp is easy and at the same time to relieve tension.  I apply daily, after a week the result was so amazed me. I found out less hair loss even daily shampoo. This product works and my hair fall has reduced considerably.
I love that;
Helps reduce hair fall and helps in re growth.
Feels good on the scalp.
The strong scent of herbs does not last longer.
Made from 100% natural herb, VCO one of it.
The product that comes with the pump is really helpful in using the product.
Transparent bottle and hence can track the amount left/used.
Easy to use product as it needs a short time to apply and massage.
It get rid of dandruff as well.

Product: Tropica Bioherb Hair Treatment Serum
Made: Malaysia
Price: Reasonable and acceptable.
Product Vote: 4/5
Repurchase: Yes. But I expect my hair fall to reduce and stop at one point so that I need not use this serum throughout my life.


  1. bagus nih, rambut saya pun akhir-akhir nih gugur jugak.

  2. Kak Eiela, pening kepala pun hilang sbb dia ada mint2 gitu..

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