Sunday, 11 September 2011

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 13 Jakarta.

By the way, I really don't know why I keep prolong and hang my Jakarta - Bandung trip from posting out here. It's been almost two month since I got back from Jakarta. Now, this entry is about my third day at Indonesia, my last day. I was very super tired as few days before went at bed quite late and have to wake up early. So this is my quick snap pictures at Jakarta, on my way to Tanah Abang. 

One of few things that I hate in Jakarta - The trafic
 Tanah Abang. Ayoo belanja grosir !! What is grosir actually..?

 More accesories
 Clutch anyone..?
 Batik shirt. I would say that this is must buy item in Jakarta/Bandung. Tanah Abang offer loads of goods especially clothing - Shirts, Jeans, Caftans, Sarongs, Underwear and many more. 
Then we had lunch at cafe called Tenabang, located at highest floor of the building.

 Mee Yamien Bandung. The seasoning quite nice. The describe this as sweet-hot-salty. It is similar like Wanton Mee that we have in Malaysia, except the noodles - they use an instant noodle instead of a wheat noodle
Mee Bakso.
 Surabi Bandung. They have few topping but I chose chocolate and banana with cheese topping. 

 View from top. 


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