Monday, 12 September 2011

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 15 (Last, Finally) Random Photos

Bandung from top. Image: google
Street seller. Hate them..? No, but I feel super uncomfortable with their existence. 
Street singer/performance. Well he is not bad at singing.
 Sosro Fruit Tea. I can't resist. 
 Get a comfortable foot wear since you have to walk a lot. Me fit in Bubble Gummers in size 3. 
Street seller and beggars. 
 Colourful trishaws. 
Cheese Banana Fritters. 
What should I address him..?
I hate looking at this

And I hate this too

On going construction. Where is green protection net..?
Traffic jam

 Bandung shirt. I totally forgot to buy this as souvenir, my bad.

Must have everywhere you go.
Kacang rebus
Peyeum, Sundanese for tapai or tape.

  I hate most-street beggars, they were ever present everywhere - middle of traffic light, streets, at Masjid, near bus stands and sometimes they stops you when you were walking.
Look at the kids, they about the same age and I guess their age maybe 4 years old. Everyone knows a 4 years old kid able to walk by their foot, so why the hell she carrying both of them. (I'm a bit moody suddenly). Plus, they look healthy and happy. I hate them for it, but what can I do..? Giving them money is like suicide. Hundreds even thousands are waiting.  

After all, few things that I don't like are the traffic jam and stupid beggars. (too harsh..? Sorry but who love beggars..??!!) But, I love the food especially noodle. I have tried the same cuisine when I got back in Malaysia but there's no similar. The feel, the taste, the passion. I missed Mee Kocok and Bakso hardly. The people are surprising very friendly, helpful, and pleasant. So no worries if you were lost, many will be glad to help you with directions.

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