Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 12 Orchardz Hotel, Jakarta

So we head to Jakarta, around 9pm. Quick stop for dinner (don't bother to know, too tired). I asked a fried noodles (mee goreng) for dinner, and they served me this. MAGGI..?? Huh..

Mee Soup
So here we are, at Orchardz Hotel.
Room and bathroom
Lobby and cafeteria
I missed that guy. Hardly missed. 

 Hotel Orhardz from front view

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 11 Rumah Mode, Setiabudi Street

Rumah Mode, Jalan Setiabudi. The biggest factory outlet.  Loads of branded brands, you name it - Ralph Lauren, Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Bebe, Guess, Marciano sold at very low price with export quality materials. No joke, as I reached KL, I went to Burberry boutique at The Gardens, Midvalley and to my surprise the quality are incredibly same! Hey it such a sin to to have them.

FOTD : Eid Mubarak Mood

I did this look on weekend actually, a simple quick and fresh look and I think this is good as my Eid look.  I don't want to look gaudy and ostentatious on Muslim big day. So I aim for something grown-up and classy. Soft smokey and false eyelashes for eyes. As for the lips – they should not be nude. I'll go to something fresh and bright. 

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 10 Factory Outlets, Dago & Riau Street

Most interesting shopping place in Bandung is the factory outlets. First we went to Dago Street (Jalan Dogo). Here, loads of outlets waiting people to spend their money. I spent mostly of my cash here, but don’t worry they accept major credit cards.

Next is Riau Street. First we had lunch as we skipped lunch at Street of Dago. We skipped..? Nah..the time given was too short.

Jalan Riau

Mee Kocok.
2 Words. Sedap banget!!. Fresh and bouncy meatballs get the top billing. Love it. Where can I get this in KL..?
Nasi Ayam Penyet. ( I think so). Not to my liking, moreover the sambal was erm damn hot!
Otak-otak. The texture exactly to otak-otak kempas that we have in Malaysia. It tasted quite similar to fish balls.

Another view of Jalan Riau

 At first I really thought he was a real human being. Good proportion, old man.
For Men, and Terminal Tas.

I can’t manage to step in each and every outlet. I was too tired, maybe I’m fat. I will suggest those who plan to come here, visit factory outlets (both Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau) at first place, then move to another place. You will need a lot of energy here walk here and there during sunny day.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 9 Cibaduyut

Day 2, we went to Cibaduyut. 
Had a simple breakfast, I really can't accept mix rice during breakfast, but this is only they serve at hotel. 

Cibaduyut is the center of shoe sellers. I’m not interested so much of lady’s shoes, but I believed men’s shoes are comparable to branded ones. Honestly, they are relevantly cheap at incredible quality. 

Nice cap/hat and jacket, made from genuine leather. 
All right, see me cam whoring. 

This is me on cowboy hat. 
Halla Fifi nampak gemok la..with bun.
The lighting not so good so I asked the travel agent so snap my pic. 
Kak Zara amek gambar Fifi jap!!

Good lighting at outdoor but..
Kak Zara apsal Fifi nampak gemok..menci la. Lagi skali amek..oke nak pakai jacket la cover sikit..

Oke this is me wearing leather jacket. Behind is Kak Zara.
Kak Zara, Fifi nak posing lagi..jap la..

Yang ni nampak kurus sikit kan Kak Zara...?
She have to entertain me who act like 7 years old kid. My fiancĂ©e was busy choosing a good jacket to suit him.  
Kak Zara, snap lagi skali..nak pakai sunglass plak..
Apa lagi kau ni Fifi..
Lagi skali Kak Zara..
Arrgh macera Fifi buat hal time naik syeikh cam whoring. Menci tol.

Later, we found a good store selling cheap men shoe. I bought a pair sandal for my dad.

Had coffee break at nearby cafe. Tired yes I am. 
Ayoo..kita ngopi dulu..!!

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 8 Cihampelas Street, Bandung

Jalan Cihampelas (Cihampelas Street), Bandung is like consider a shopping parade for jeans (especially) where we can purchase a lot of apparel and fashion shops, but above all, jeans jeans jeans.
As last destination for day 1, we were too exhausted when we reached here. We bought nothing at Cihampelas, just walking here and there, and dinner.    

 I’m not sure why they use a giant comic character as statue.

 McDonald's as dinner. 

Reached hotel quite late, almost 12 midnight. Above are half, (I repeat, HALF) of our shopping items that we bought so far for day 1. 

Monday, 22 August 2011

Looks : Christina Aguilera "Moves Like Jagger"

Released recently, I decided to do a look inspired by Christina Aguilera on Moves Like Jagger Music Video. So here's the correspondence look. It is a cut crease eye make up with two colours, black and skin colour (but I used silvery grey to pop the black). She had bottom lashes and beautiful coral peach on her lips and cheeks.