Monday, 8 August 2011

Iftar Week 1

This is what I had so far for week 1 of Ramadhan. I have to get back my shape since I gained weight recently.
Day 1 - Laksa Penang, I cook the gravy the night before and I forgot all the salads!! Later at 10, I had a vege soup done up with lots of garlic and ginger.
Day 2 - Stir fry chicken with button mushrooms and carrot. Bubur Pulut Hitam for supper. Hey I cook the dishes.
 Day 3 - Still strong without rice, but this time I went to bazaar to get something. I had kuih Cara Berlauk, Lepat Pisang (those are my fave) and Roti Tarbus.
Day 4 - Chicken Tortilla with some tomato cherry, and few slices of water melon.
Day 5 - I cook Chicken Soup, some kerabu ( got it from bazaar) and Ikan Pekasam. Plain rice. Hehe
 Day 6 - Do some lemmings at bazaar and I had this for Iftar. Haha I ate a lot!
 Day 7 - Iftar menu - from Tasik Permaisuri Bazaar.
Till then, Selamat Berpuasa.

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