Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 9 Cibaduyut

Day 2, we went to Cibaduyut. 
Had a simple breakfast, I really can't accept mix rice during breakfast, but this is only they serve at hotel. 

Cibaduyut is the center of shoe sellers. I’m not interested so much of lady’s shoes, but I believed men’s shoes are comparable to branded ones. Honestly, they are relevantly cheap at incredible quality. 

Nice cap/hat and jacket, made from genuine leather. 
All right, see me cam whoring. 

This is me on cowboy hat. 
Halla Fifi nampak gemok la..with bun.
The lighting not so good so I asked the travel agent so snap my pic. 
Kak Zara amek gambar Fifi jap!!

Good lighting at outdoor but..
Kak Zara apsal Fifi nampak gemok..menci la. Lagi skali amek..oke nak pakai jacket la cover sikit..

Oke this is me wearing leather jacket. Behind is Kak Zara.
Kak Zara, Fifi nak posing lagi..jap la..

Yang ni nampak kurus sikit kan Kak Zara...?
She have to entertain me who act like 7 years old kid. My fiancée was busy choosing a good jacket to suit him.  
Kak Zara, snap lagi skali..nak pakai sunglass plak..
Apa lagi kau ni Fifi..
Lagi skali Kak Zara..
Arrgh macera Fifi buat hal time naik syeikh cam whoring. Menci tol.

Later, we found a good store selling cheap men shoe. I bought a pair sandal for my dad.

Had coffee break at nearby cafe. Tired yes I am. 
Ayoo..kita ngopi dulu..!!

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