Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 2 Quick Lunch at Eden, KLIA

I had late lunch before flight at Eden, KLIA. The dim sum served here is the best that I ever had, considering the Halal one. Besides, I love the idea of a having lunch with a view.
Top left, Shark Fin Dim Sum. It tasted good but nothing excited at all except for the expensive price. Shrimp Dim Sum. Oh this is great, fresh and tasty. Trust me you will regret not having it. Fat and crunchy shrimp inside enveloped by a layer of skin that has the just-right thickness.
Chicken feet steamed in soy sauce, ginger, garlic and some other ingredients. This is my favorite too. The other two, I can’t remember their name but it tasted great. I hope that I have my Iftar soon at Eden, KLIA.
Soft and fluffy bun with sweet filling, this is way much better than usual pau. I love the friendly staff and good service. The food was satisfying to have for, soulful and freshly made. Hence, I label Eden as the best dim sum in KL. 
Now let’s do the rating.
Eden, KLIA
Food Type: Oriental Cuisine  
Price: Slightly on the high side but trust me you will satisfy.
Cleanliness Vote : 4.5/5
Food Vote : 4.3/5 
Revisit : Yes, definitely

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