Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Jakarta - Bandung : Pt 3 Hello Jakarta!

The pleasant flight journey took us about 2 and half hours journey to reach Jakarta. The food served was appetizing and the crews were friendly (and good looking), thank you KLM Airways.

We have to spend time in the line for a quite some time. I’m not exactly how long, around 30 – 60 minutes maybe. Long enough until my feet my feet get hurt. I don’t blame my cute blue velvet flats, however. It’s a weekday and only 3 immigration counters are working and to be surprised (and funny), my 10 fingerprints and my picture were taken as well. Oh my..

Later, we were brought to a restaurant called Bukit Randu Bandara to have dinner, or rather supper
Top left, Kangkung Goreng Belacan (Water Spinach).
Top right, Daging Balado. Lots of chilli. Honestly I had no guts to try it. I can't stand the heat.
Bottom left, Sweet and Sour Fish. Not bad but they fried the fish too much until it dried.
Bottom right, Mustard Green with a hint of ginger. I love it.

Overall, the food's taste quite close to our local Malay cuisine. Except the satay's dipping sauce was quite spicy(for me) and too much of lemon-grass.

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