Sunday, 12 February 2012

Looks : Soft Sultry Makeup For Hooded Eyes

This is me, with flash
To get started, I only use three shades of eyeshadow. The lightest color to highlight brow bone, medium color is the midtone (I use Embark from MAC). And the darkest color is the accent. (I use dark grey)

I start off at the base of the lash line and sweep the dark grey up and over the hooded area. You can also sweep the color in towards your nose a little to make the look recede and bit drama. Be sure to sweep the accent color underneath the entire lower lash line to completely accent your eyes. Although I’m using dark colors to push back the fleshy part, too dark of a color over the entire eyelid area will make eyelids look too heavy and actually make eyes look more closed. You can substitute dark grey with dark purple or dark brown but please avoid black.

With blending brush, blend the top edge of accent color with medium brown eye shadow.  
Next, you will only need to highlight the brow bone a little, not too much.

Follow up with plenty coats of mascara and false eyelashes is optional, I just skipped that.

Lastly, be sure to have great with shapely eyebrows. Fill in the eyebrows by using the eyebrow brush dipped in the powder that corresponds to your brow color. Rule of thumb, it should match your natural hair color. Glide the color along the brow line until it's fully filled in. By fixing your eyebrows, you will draw attention upwards from the hooded eye.

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