Monday, 10 October 2011

FOTD : Retro/Classic/Vintage Look 2

To get this 1970′s look. The key is to go thick with the eyeliner, thick lashes, white liner in your water line, a natural or nude lip, and contour for your blush. This look is still seen and is still worn today in various ways.

This should be a natural look. Apply concealer on parts you want to cover up and, if you must, use sheer foundation all over your face, but apply sparingly. You can add blush, but it's not essential to have bright blush to this look. Make sure to use a pale color, such as baby pink or light peach. I prefer to have a light coral peachy color because it suit my skin tone well.

Apply a pale pink, peach, or clear gloss. You can define your lips more if you wish by using a lip pencil beforehand.

Put a neutral color of eye shadow on your eyelid. Here I used a slightly brighter than my skin color. Then take a dark color, such as brown, black, or gray, and sweep it across the part of your eyelid where your eye meets the bone. Take black eyeliner; a pencil or liquid will do. Start either on the inner or outer corner of the eye. Place a white or light brown on lower lash line. Create a thick line (but not too thick) and make the corners go slightly up and away from your eye. You can then attach false eyelashes or just apply a few coats of mascara thickly on the top and bottom lashes.


  1. Like seriously! That look is gorgeous! The lens color reminds m of the Twilight, Cullen Family! Pretty!!!! Where did you get your lens?

  2. Bought online. I can't remember the exact code/name. Something called barbie/doll eyes/big eyes..ahh short them memory lost. LOL